Thursday, December 09, 2010

And all the trimmings...

The above is the view I have from my "work" chair! Aren't I lucky? Last year the tree was almost directly behind me. I remember looking at it's reflection in the television--that was the best I could do! I like this view much better. =-)

We had these two snowmen pillows last year. This year, while looking to spend some "Kohl's Cash" I picked up this pillow at 70% off (but paid nothing). Imagine my delight when I came home and found that my 3 pillows all matched perfectly!

This is my happiest little viniette this year. [You know you really don't know how to spell a word when spell check doesn't even give you anything close to the word you're trying to spell! Oh well. Vin-Yette. You get it it.] For some reason I love pairing nativities with pine trees, even though that makes no sense whatsoever. Plus, this is such a "pure" little nativity.

And the stockings were hung...that's the same every year. The advent cabinet is in a new place this year. It's more accessible to the children. They love opening the little door each day and then receiving their "treat."
Pretty much the same as every year--the big one-piece nativity in the center with white pines and snowflakes with red berries. I've been a very bad girl this year, and haven't yet put up the white lights that finish the look.
Woo-hoo! A piano! A whole new flat surface to decorate! LOL! I love the nativity that Miss Fabu sent a few years ago. This year it made the move from the hearth to the top of the piano. It fits perfectly there, as the largest nativity I own. We put a little lamp behind the "city of Bethlehem" prop. Love that look. I have more nativities than I know what to do with, so the nail nativity and the black-person nativity were added below on each side. [Yes, I thought hard about what to call it--"African American?--"African?" "Black?" Since I don't see a nationality on them, "black" won over "persons of African descent nativity."]

Like every year, we have our tree plates with 3 small nativities. Haitian activity gets bottom plate honors (and might always be my favorite nativity). Cute little clay nativity is in the middle, with stained-glass nativity getting top plate honors. Of course, our angels much keep watch on either side!
This year the awesome Ghanaian nativity moved to the top of our homeschooling cabinet. I really like it here! It looks nice against the wood, and now it's in a place where it doesn't constantly get tipped over.
This is another one of my favorites. We affectionately refer to this one as "Decapitated Joseph Nativity." I bought it from Target after Christmas. Joseph's head was broken off. We glue it back on. EVERY. YEAR. The head is always off when we unpack it. But here he is upright, with his family. I love the simple white of this nativity. It's on the breakfast bar this year, replacing the Ghana nativity. [Yes, I realize you guys could care less about this. This is one of those "recording for my own memory" posts!]

The Praying Santa viniette also made a move this year--to the entry way table. [Please excuse half-opened drawer!] The Praying Santa is an ornament/decoration that everyone in my family has. Not the prettiest thing, but with such a special meaning. I always display my praying santa with Santa's Prayer, A Special Place for Santa, and our "Jesus Gift" (just a glass block with lights and ribbon, to represent the "gift" that is Jesus. This is the only Santa decoration in our house, but no hate for the Santa people out there!

As described in a previous post, our Nativity Tree/Jesse Tree.
This one is new this year--from a craft fair this autumn. Just love Christmas decorations that represent the people in our family! didn't come with four kids so Taevy and Kendi need to be added when I get around to getting the glue gun out. For now they are hangin' high!

We do all of this decorating for Christmas. And I love it. But we don't usually host any gatherings at Christmas so it feels like a bit much to do just for our family to enjoy. Still, we do it. And now--thanks to the blog--I can share it with the world! LOL!


exmish 5:03 PM  


(BTW, I think the word you are looking for is "vignette"?"


A. Gillispie 5:50 PM  

Yes! VIGNETTE! LOL! My mom wrote to me after my post to let me know. She said, "Think of vinegar and you will never forget how to spell it!"

Momto15 5:53 PM  

Your tree is stunning!! Love it!

Tricia 10:42 PM  

I bought that same Ghanaian nativity this year. I love it. I bought a metal Ghanaian nativity last year. I also love and collect Nativity scenes.

Tricia 10:42 PM  

I bought that same Ghanaian nativity this year. I love it. I bought a metal Ghanaian nativity last year. I also love and collect Nativity scenes.

A. Gillispie 10:47 PM  

Oooh Tricia! Another nativity collecter!

I've never seen a metal nativity from Ghana. Would love to see a pic!

Amy 1:34 PM  

Awww, so glad to see the Fabu set made the cut. :) Your nativities are beautiful! :) Merry, merry!