Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Oh, puppy breath! This is the little guy who is currently the "front runner" from the litter of pups my neighbor's dog had. He's the biggest one in the litter. I just love how the black around his eyes runs down around his ears!
We're brainstorming names. He seems like such a stately little guy. Like the king of his litter, at least in size. We're thinking of names to do with king/royalty, his "bigness," or his black/white coloring. We've also thought of some names related to his parents' names (Tricksey and Domino). Feel free to send suggestions!
I'm sort of digging "Kingsley" right now except that I don't want anybody to think it has anything to do with folks named Kingsley in Ghana!


Emily 10:33 PM  

I LOVE puppy breath too!! What kind of dog is that? Kinglsey is a great name :)

A. Gillispie 10:36 PM  

Emily, I would bottle puppy breath if I could!

His dad is full blood putt bull (the short and very stocky version). His mom is part Austrailian Shepherd and part "other" (but we think some pitt in there too). Both mom and dad are AWESOME loving dogs!

fullplatemom 10:44 PM  

He is WAY too cute to have a name like Kingsley! PLEASE anything but Kingsley. He is adorable, just adorable!!!

A. Gillispie 11:22 PM  

Well, there are wonderful Kinsleys in Ghana too FPM! LOL! There's a super cute Kingsley being adopted through our program right now! ;-)

Okay, if you don't want Kingsley then I'll be expecting your name ideas my friend!

the H family 9:41 AM  

What about a Ghanaian word or name that means regal or supreme or awesome? My Fante speaker claims to have forgotten all of her words, but I'm sure you could get someone to translate for you. And I agree with FPM-PLEASE don't name that super adorable little guy Kingsley!

Chantelle 12:48 PM!! He is ADOOOOOOOOOOOORABLE!!!! Now I've got puppy fever!!

fullplatemom 9:07 PM  

I met a VERY cute little boy named Kingsley while I was there as well. It's a relatively common name, I know that. Unfortunately, in our house, it's associated with heart ache (as it is in many other houses). Sad.

I asked my kids what they thought. They think he looks like the Target dog! Such marketing suckers! Juliana says his name should be Buster. I thought that was cute. She names ALL her dogs Buster.

sue 7:30 PM  


How many dogs do you have now? Three?