Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Has anybody called Ghana lately?

Has anybody called Ghana recently? My phone is being funky! For the last few weeks I have NOT been able to get through to Ghana. Constant buisy signals! Doesn't matter if it's cell phone or land line. Doesn't matter what cell carrier I'm calling. Busy! It's normal for that to happen sometimes (not going through the first time) but this is consistent!

I've checked--I can call other places (like Nigeria and Britain). The phone company is no help.

Can someone verify that you've called Ghana in the past few weeks with the same 011-233-XX-XXX-XXX (land line) or 011-233-XXX-XXX-XXX (cell line) that you've always used? OR can someone fill me in on changes that have been made?



Sister Beta 7:20 PM  

Just seeing this. We've been calling Ghana just fine and using Skype at that (I've had lots of Skype issues in the past). Things have been going through like "normal" here.

The Last Crusade 8:45 AM  

Well, I am in Ghana & calling 233 #s from my American cell phone. And my husband has been able to call me on my cell phone. Not sure about calling Ghana from the US directly.

ERHildy 1:16 PM  

The food looks amazing!

I stumbled on your blog site while I was doing some research online about where to adopt form in Africa. I was just wondering, why did you choose Ghana? Was there a specific reason? I also have been hearing that only 2 countries in Africa have "HAUGE" protection (Ethiopia & Rwanda). How did you choose the agency that you are going through? And one more question! do you know if there is a limit to how long you are supposed to be married for before being able to adopt from Ghana? My husband & I have been married for 2 and a half years, He is 26 & I will be 25 next month, I figured age wise we were probably fine, but, I am just finding out that most countries you must be married for at least 5 years in order to adopt! I know these are a lot of questions.. I'm just really trying to nail this down, and figure things out. Hope you can find time to answer my questions.

If do have time, and, you'd prefer to reply though Email - my email is

Thanks so much for your time! You guys look like you have such a wonderful family! & I love the pics of the kids in front of the tree with their Christmas shirts! Too cute!