Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For Cora--Taevy at 1 to 1.5 years (just for fun)

Bloggy-Friend Cora just got home with her beautiful daughter from China. Chloe is their first long-awaited child. It's so fun to read their blog and see them with their daughter! I feel sort of like I'm looking at a version of my own past, because their daughter in some ways reminds me of Taevy. I think it's more the cute little facial expressions than the structure of their faces. Anyway, this post is for Cora, so she can see Taevy at about the same age as Chloe is now. =-)


Chantelle 7:23 AM  

Oh my CUTENESS!! What a gorgeous doll baby!! No wonder she's such a beauty now, she was a beautiful baby! :) Thanks for sharing.

Kait 7:43 AM  

Seriously, how did you ever get anything except kissing that baby done? She is so cute!

Cora 8:47 AM  

Thanks Anita! She was as beautiful then as she is now. I showed Jim and he said that looks just like Chloe :) That little smile just melts your heart.

Arnold family 9:00 AM  

She looks so cute!!! I love it when kids are that age. They grow up so fast.Thanks for sharing!

A. Gillispie 10:13 PM  

Taevy saw this post today and said with full tween angst, "Mom! Really?! Really, you posted a picture of me on the toilet?!" She was just so embarressed! Hee, hee.