Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Snow Covered

As if this is news to anybody, OK was blanketed in snow by the same storm that is shooting across the U.S.. We got about a foot of snow last night and today. It was blizzard conditions with high winds, so we have drifts of about 4 feet. The amount of snow is not SO abnormal for OK but what is abnormal is the temps to follow the rest of the week. Usually we get a big snow followed by days in the 30's or 40's, so the snow is outta here in a day or two. This week we will not see above freezing temps until late in the weekend. It is actually supposed to be -7 on Thursday morning!!!

It's interesting to me to think about what is "typical" across the country. My friends in the north are so used to dealing with below zero temps. What's the big deal, right? We in OK think the same things in the summer when temps are in the low 90's and people in northern states are freaking out about heat stroke!

Here's the deal though....I'm betting your northern houses are more suited for the super cold and our southern houses are more suited for the high temps. We wouldn't imagine not having central air in the house! In the same vein, you would probably laugh at us with no snow suits for our kids, doors that let in a ton of cold air, and fire places that are for decoration more than anything else! Taevy was cold today and I couldn't help but roll my eyes. She was in pj pants and a tank top. PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! However, I can't really talk, as I don't even own a proper winter coat.

I left my camera at a family member's house on Saturday so I am without the ability to post photos. [The one above is courtesy of the big ice storm a few years ago.] I did find an old camera to take some pics. Just don't have the ability to download until my other camera is here.

This is fun...for about a day. Tomorrow will be day two completely snowed in and I am over it. Eric is over it. The kids are over it. The dogs are WAY over it (except the Akita/Husky mix, who is in hog heaven).

I should be thankful though. All of our luxuries have stayed in service (phone, internet, electricity), and we have enough beef stew to last us for days!


Mama D.'s Dozen 12:41 AM  

Last October, we got the big hype about what a bad (ie: lots of snow) winter we were expected to have. Well, it has NOT materialized. We have had rain and more rain most ever day for the past 6 weeks. Our kids are so tired of hearing about all of the "awesome" snow storms across the country.

You can send that storm up our way. We'd be glad to take it off your hands.

:) :) :)