Saturday, March 19, 2011

Doodle for Google

Taevy's 2011 Google for Doodle Entry
I don't think I've talked about Taevy's love for art on the blog too much. It's endearing to me to see that this is her first long-term interest (sort of how I was with music). I don't have illusions that Taevy is the most gifted 10 year old artist to ever cross the face of the earth. It's her PASSION for it that gets me all tender-hearted. It's a love deep within her--God given. Any given day Taevy will paint, or sculpt, or crochet, or draw, or create something cool out of nothing particular.
This year she heard about "Doodle for Google." It's a contest where a young artist can get their Google doodle on google homepage for a whole day. Taevy was ALL over that! She checks the Google home page every day to see what the doodle is for that day--has for a few years. This year's theme was "In the future I'm going to..." (or something like that). I'm sure most kids did doodles about their future careers. Not Taevy.
For her, it was between a Cambodia-themed doodle or a Project Hopeful-themed doodle. "In the future I will go back to my roots in Cambodia." OR "In the future I will wipe out HIV stigma." Seriously? How great is this girl?! Oh, she is going to be a world-changer!
In the end it was sort of hard to do an HIV-themed Google doodle (as you can imagine). She decided on Cambodia.
Allow me to interpret this peice for you! That's Angkor Wat in the bottom middle, with some very out of perspective huts on either side. [We talked about this, but she felt fine about the perspective.] You can see the entire background is Cambodian flag colors; the G has a flag in the middle of it; the L is a flag pole; the two Os are the jingle bangle bracelets traditionally worn by Khmer infants.
Taevy is realistic about her chance to win. She figures she will ONLY make it to the regional finalists. ;-)