Friday, March 11, 2011

A long time ago, in a life far away....

Family photo in October 2003

Several years ago when I was a music teacher rather than an adoption coordinator, I taught Kingermusik. After I stopped teaching in the public schools it was a natural fit, as I had 2 young children and needed to make a bit of extra money. Those were such fun days, even though I totally stressed about teaching the classes every week. I am good to go with a group of kids but parents? Parents are scary! I digress....

A few minutes ago I heard from a Kindermusik teacher in our area. She is making a video that is going to be used to teach other Kindermusick teachers. She asked if she could use a song that I made up to go with one of the books used in the class. [If you are a KM alumni, it's the "Go Van Go" book.]

First, it makes me so happy that someone in this world heard a song I created and remembered it, and is still using it to teach her students! What an honor! Second, how crazy is it to think that possibly other Kindermusik teachers around the nation might use the song with the book as well? Crazy, but in a totally feel good way! [Did you know that Happy Birthday was a simple song a Kindergarten teacher made up for her students?]

There is a part of me that misses teaching early childhood music. [I also taught Music Together.] I was trained to teach K-12 instrumental music, but my passion was always for the little ones. Thankfully I still get to go into teacher mode whenever I'd like with my four beautiful children. Maybe one day I will take the teacher in me outside of the home once again, but for now my four leave me completely satisfied!