Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The 'ol Rumor Mill

Please, let it be known that I am not against ANY organization that is working in Ghana to help those who are in need!! Oh my word people, is it not clear that my heart is for the vulnerable in Ghana? People doing work to help orphans, and their families, and others in society who need support, have nothing but my praise and prayers for their success!!!
Specifically, I want to mention Feeding the Orphans and Project Global Hope. These two orgs are doing great work in many areas. There is no reason I can think of that anybody in their right mind would not wish them the best in the work they are doing!
Please, Ghana adoption community, do not pit one against another. There is so much need in Ghana. We are a small community with several options for our humanitarian dollars. *I* most fully support the work the Adoption Advocates International is doing in Ghana, because that's the program I am intimately involved with. That makes sense, right? Unlike some adoption agencies, AAI is also a humanitarian org with life-changing programs ongoing within Ghana. People tend to assume that "an agency" is just "doing business." So...I do what I can to make people aware that is NOT the case with AAI, and that there are GOOD programs to give to without a single red cent taken for administrative costs. I want to get the word out that giving to AAI's humanitarian programs has the exact same result as giving to other organizations that don't have anything to do with adoption. That doesn't take away from the fact that other organizations are also doing good work.
So, I say again, my support FOR AAI's projects is not meant in anyway to send the message that I am AGAINST other organizations in our community. Lord knows there is enough work to be done without us being pitted against each other through imagined competition. Please, 'ol rumor mill, pass these words along to those who would say otherwise.

Thanks! =-)