Friday, March 04, 2011

Sister Love

[Photo credit to Samren, age 9]

Despite 7 years age difference these two find lots of ways to play together. Kendi *LOVES* her big sister, and Taevy *LOVES* her baby sister. The other day they had fun setting up a back drop and making up different poses for Samren to capture. I think all of these pics are cute, but I REALLY like the top picture!


Brandi 6:06 PM  

So Adalee has the SAME dress that Taevy is wearing (the blue w/ dots)... we really do have the same taste :) I got that on our 2nd trip at the Art Market! :)

A. Gillispie 9:42 PM  

Ha! Taevy *LOVES* that dress! I bought it for her about 2 years ago across from Frankie's in Osu! It's such a cute design. We definitely seem to have the same taste in Ghanaian fabric!

Oh BTW, we were at the thrift store the other day and Taevy, with her (seriously almost) photographic memory found the exact same shirt you wore on the day you came over in January!