Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bright glimpses....

So, we have our son Bright, who is 5.5 years old. He is an amazing little guy. Love abounds in him! But he's....awkward. He has severe anxiety issues, which makes him very emotionally/socially challenged. His anxiety affects the way he speaks, the way he learns, the way he communicates, the way he poops....everything. It will be interesting to see how he does next year when he starts school. Anyway, because of how Bright is, he doesn't come across in any way as "advanced." In fact, we expect that the schools may have him in special ed fairly quickly. With this background, I share with you a quick Bright funny....

We were watching something on TLC about this morbidly obese man. He was completely immobile. For whatever reason, this show totally caught Bright's attention and he was watching intently. At commercial he started asking about this man. "Mommy, what's wrong with that man? Can he walk? Can he drive a car? Can he dance?" We went through all of his limitations. The Bright pops out with, "Well, at least he can sit in his chair and enjoy television throughout the day."

Why is this funny? It was just a little glimpse into all of the intelligence that is hidden inside this anxiety-ridden little boy. IT IS IN THERE! We just saw a little bright spark of it. Not often that he puts so many words together in one sentence, and "throughout?" HA! Love the vocab little man!

Oh how I love this child. I just know he's going to teach me a ton.


GrandmaB 10:21 AM  

Bright shines on and on! I think he has many thoughts that he tosses around in his mind, but keeps so many of them to himself. He makes a Grandma proud, though!

GrandmaB 10:22 AM  

Bright shines on and on! I think he has many thoughts he ponders in his mind, but is selective on what he chooses to share. He makes a Grandma proud, though!

Jolene 8:36 PM  

Ohh is on the forefront of my mind when thinking of my 6.5 yr old. He came to us at age 4 and was just a big toddler emotionally (think 18 month old!) It is a constant battle he has to not believe the lies he's come to think of as his reality. Birthdays, holidays, trips etc all are triggers to him.

What they do ponder in their minds would astonish us. They see the world so differently from us. We have been blessed to homeschool our children and I think for attachment issues and the anxiety issues it was the most incredible thing. He's come so far!

I'm sure your little man will do amazing next year!