Monday, May 09, 2011

My friend Amy is up for $1 million--50% chance!

Hi all,

One of my best friends is up for a Million Dollar prize from Macy's (Macy's Million Dollar Makeover). She has gone through several rounds and is now in the FINAL TWO! She has a 50% chance of winning a million dollar prize!!!

Let me tell you about my friend. We first met when she adopted a sibling set of three older children through AAI's Ghana program. I get along with almost all of "my" families, but there was an instant heart connection with Amy "Fabu" Ferrell. We were blessed to be able to meet in "real" life when we were both in Ghana at the same time--and the friendship was confirmed!

Amy is a truly gifted teacher (remember, I have a teaching degree so I say this with some authority on the matter)! She is inspiring to me. The children in her classroom are blessed. If she wins the Million Dollar Makeover she will be able to develop and AWESOME after school program based on the amazing works of Da Vinci.

Amy is an adoptive mom. Not that being an adoptive mom makes you a super human--but Amy and her husband did what most are not prepared to do when they adopted a sibling set of three older children. Not many families can pull that off and end up with a balanced and happy family. Amy and her family did it! She stepped out in faith to make these children her children, and all have flourished because of it!

Amy is a fitness inspiration. She has lost 60 pounds in the last year. Her goal wasn't just to lose weight. She changed her life for the better! She had a goal of becoming more fit and changing the way she eats. The weight loss was a result of a super life change! She inspires me to get more healthy, with weight loss being the side effect of living a healthier life!

Amy is committed to orphans. If she wins, she hopes to use some of her resourses to advocate for older child and special needs adoption. There ARE families out there for these children, but sometimes the financial end is impossible without assistance.

Amy is committed to families! If she wins, she hopes to advocate for family preservation projects in Ghana. These are projects that purpose to lower the orphan population! These projects help to keep families together that may have otherwise been torn apart by poverty or other difficult circumstances.

Amy is committed to HER family! Right now, Amy and her family are preparing to move back into a very small home they own. It's 1000 sq ft with 1 bathroom. For 7 people? Yikes! Yes, they could do it. Yes, they will do it. But if Amy wins the Million Dollar Makeover they will be able to move into a home that is better equipped for a large family!

Do you see a person who is all about herself? Do you see a person who wants to use the million dollar prize on clothes or a business that would bring in more personal income? Nope. She just wants a larger home for her children, and to help other children around the world!

How can you help this become reality?

1. VOTE!!!! The voting process is quick and easy. You can vote about 100 times in 5 minutes. Maybe you can give 5 minutes of each hour to vote?

2. Share with your friends on Facebook!

3. Do a mass email to everybody in your contact book. I know, I know....but this is just ONE time and it will change a family's life (and other families) forever!

4. Post on your blog!

5. Forward info about Amy to your adoption-related Yahoo Groups! She adopted from Ghana, but I hope that the ENTIRE adoption community will get behind her! China, Ethiopia, Uganda--let's go! =-)

5.Ask your friends to do all of the above! This is a grass roots effort. Amy doesn't have super media coverage. She has friends, and friends of friends. PLEASE be a part of that!

What's in it for you? Actually, there is something! Every time you vote you are entered to win a $500 Macy's gift card. Every. Single. Time. Isn't that cool?!




Nadia 12:20 PM  

I can't get on FB from work, but as soon as I get home, my finger is ready to vote! I'm so excited for her, and I've never even met her :)

Amy 8:15 PM  

You are the BEST Anita! Thank you SOOOOOO much!!! MUCH love my friend!!!!