Friday, June 24, 2011

Final day, starting less than perfect!

Well, it's almost 10am here. We were supposed to leave 9am for City of Refuge. Unfortunately, my friend "J" is sick. He sounds awful. I don't know if he should even be going, but he says he is okay to go. Thankful for that since it's his car we're taking! However, because of illness he overslept. I am pretty good about being flexible when I'm in Ghana, but on the day I'm flying back home it's much more difficult! I worry that we won't be back in time for me to clean up and finish packing before we leave for the airport. Breathing in....breathing out.

My deodorant is missing! How this could be, I have no clue. Last night after showering I put it on like I always do. This morning, it's nowhere to be found. I am a deodorant fanatic. I put it only at least 3 times a day. Now I'm not going to have it to put on before I get on the plane! ACK! I can see it now. "Smelly woman. Row 12. Be aware that her underarms stink and her clothes wreak of moth ball scent. She may or may not have pee on her shoes." Ah!

All of the monetary donations you sent have been given out. I actually have only $10 and a few cedis left at this point. Hopefully it will last until I get home! I have one granola bar left, and two bofrute. Let's see how it goes!


P.S. Looking forward to the "Economy Comfort" seat from Accra to Atlanta. Just found out that they've upgraded me to First Class from Atlanta to Tulsa (although 1st class on those little planes is nothing to write home about). So far it looks like I'll have 3 of 4 seats to myself from Accra to Atlanta. Should be the most comfy ride home EVER!


Mama D.'s Dozen 11:25 AM  

Hope your day is BLESSED ... and that you make it to the airport in plenty of time.

:) :) :)