Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Follies!

Had a nice petting session with our wonder-pooch, Mac. He is just such a sweetheart! It's been fun "knowing" him since the day he was born. He's a big goofy teenager dog now. Currently, the hot weather has caused him a nasty rash on his hind quarters. Benadryl for Mackers!

My parents are going to Hawaii in the fall and decided to spurge for Kindles. It's no secret that I am a HUGE Kindle fan, so this was not without much urging from their daughter! I had to chuckle a bit at the looks of confusion that were on their faces as they tried to figure out this new contraption. My 10 year old daughter is teaching them the basics while Kendi pretends to read the directions to them! LOL!I'm happy to report that despite the confused looks, they have both figured out how to read a book on their Kindles! Umm...let's not discuss whether they've figured out how to download new books. =-)Oh, Bright. Such a tender-hearted child. I had to smile last night when I went into our bedroom. I was the last to bed and he and Eric were fast asleep. Bright had stacked every pillow he could find in the entire room (including the dog bed) and made himself QUITE the little bed! He looked so cute all snuggled in, buried in fluffiness!
I finished my first little crochet project of the year--a 3-in-1 twirly scarf. You can wear the three scarves separately or together. We definitely like the look better with them all twirled together! I made this as a LITTLE contribution to the AAI Holiday Project Auction. They are taking donated items until September 15th! Anybody can donate anything you think someone else would like to receive as a gift--no limits!
We always try to do something fun on Friday nights as a family. Tonight we went to the dollar store. I love the dollar store! The kids find all sorts treasures that they MUST have, and so do I. Tonight's treasures included jelly bracelet watches, scrubbing cloths, chicken flavored crackers (Eric's favorite), and school supplies.

Speaking of school supplies, our church is collecting backpacks full of school supplies for local kids whose parents may have a difficult time affording the items. I haven't ever had to buy a school supply list for my kids. Even when they went to public school it was a low income school where their supplies were donated. Holy cow! It is expensive to buy everything on the list! For 5th grade we even had to buy a Trapper Keeper! We bought the least expensive items available and easily ended up spending $35 on everything. Glad I don't have to do that for four kids every year. Seriously? A child NEEDS a Trapper Keeper as part of their REQUIRED supplies? Wow.

On the Mormon posts, thanks to everybody for keeping it civil. I have absolutely no problem defending my own faith, but I do have a hard time being judge and jury on another person's faith. In the end, one's salvation is between him and God. I just don't think one man can know another man's heart. =-)