Friday, July 08, 2011

Yummy for my Tummy!

Doesn't this look yummy?! Okay, maybe if you haven't eaten much Ghanaian food it doesn't look the MOST appetizing to you, but trust me, this is good stuff! I shouldn't be craving Ghanaian food, because I just got home from Ghana, but the truth is that I didn't partake in my favorites much on this last trip--not sure why. No Red Red. No rice with "stew." No Jollaf even!

I came across THIS BLOG the other day and had fun looking through all of the Ghanaian foods this woman has shared how to make. I always go to BETUMI for the best Ghanaian food recipes, because they are tried and true and the writer adapts things for Americans. It was interesting to read the GhanaianFoods blog because these recipes are described more how a Ghanaian would describe. I learned new things (like what an Asanka is, and that Ghanaians use ground melon seeds)!

Today I got the ingrediants to make Chicken Stew with Rice. I will miss the fried plantain for sure, but our store didn't have any plantain today. My version will not include 10-12 kpakpo shito peppers! A bit of red pepper flakes will be our only spice, because I'm a wimply American. Still, hopefully the meal will give my family a reason to miss Ghanaian food as much as I do!




Renee 8:42 AM  

This looks really good. I think we will try this with tofu and veggie broth. I seriously can't believe how much we like super spicy things since Eben and Joel came home 3.5 years ago.

Jemima 7:03 AM  

lol at you not using the kpakpo shito. Believe me the 10-12 is a reduced number because mny husbnad cannot stomach much pepper in his food. What dish will you guys be trying next? I should upload a jollof recipe within the next few days. All the best!