Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I read this the other day and quickly sent it to my blog "drafts" folder so that I could write on it later. Unfortunately, my brain betrayed me and now I can't for the life of me remember where I read this! If anybody knows who to give credit to, please let me know!


"What do you do when someone slanders you or says nasty things behind your back? Paul encourages us to CONCILIATE! (1 Cor 4:12-13). What a wonderful word. It means to "win over, gain favor by friendly acts, reconcile or bring to state of friendship." That's a challenge, isn't it?You will not be popular as you stand against the tide of compromise and humanism. Stand for the truth, expect reviling and disdain, but react with love and CONCILIATION!"


Conviction! Oh, how convicted I felt when I read this! I think that one of my biggest flaws is my reaction to others who talk behind my back. I feel such disgust and such anger. And of course, at the root of it, is how hurt I feel. The last thing I want to do is reach out in friendship to the person who just slandered me or talked behind my back! What?! That's so contrary to human nature, isn't it? I have been praying on this lately, and am resolved to try to do better in this area of my life. Because I've chosen to be so open with my life, I often set myself up for others to talk negatively about me behind my back, but then I don't take it well when it happens! Oh Lord help me. This is going to be tough!

The other part of the quote seems almost unrelated to the top (to me) but it still speaks to me. I don't think I am at all alone in my convictions about ethics in international adoptions, but I do sometimes feel like I have to speak up when nobody else has. Families in process sometimes feel as though they cannot speak up, for fear of affecting their adoption. I can--my family is complete--therefore I feel the need to do so. That doesn't mean it's fun. Sometimes I just sit and cry when I'm putting "controversial" stuff up on the blog. I know it's going to bring me flack. I know some folks will be angry with me for making waves. It sucks. But my conviction is stronger than my desire to stay "safe" in my nice little corner of the world.

So I suppose it is a circle then, isn't it? Stand up for your convictions. Realize that people may slander you or talk behind your back. Then, respond in acts of conciliation. Tough recipe--but one that I think would ultimately give the most peace inside my heart.




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GREAT post! Thanks for sharing.

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