Saturday, August 06, 2011

Could it be? Rain!!!

We finally got some rain today! Honestly, this whole summer we've had no more than a few claps of thunder and a handful of rain drops (officially 1/3 inch). I don't think today's rain totals will add much to it, but it was a REAL storm, with thunder, wind, lightening, and RAIN! Electricity was in the air. Everybody in the nieghborhood was outside talking and smiling as the storm moved in. It took a good hour of storminess before it finally decided to rain. We dropped from temps well over 100 down into the glorious 70's! [We haven't even gotten to the 70's for nightly lows in quite a while.] Thank you Lord for the rain.


Mama D.'s Dozen 8:34 PM  

Rejoicing with you! I've been worried about y'all down there with those 100+ degree temps for weeks and weeks. (My daughter-in-law lives in Houston, so we get regular updates.)

Glad you could cool off a bit today.

Sure wish we could have sent some rain your way. We've had an overabundance this year.

:) :) :)