Thursday, August 11, 2011

Next Question---CALVERT question...has anybody had experience teaching multiple grades with Calvert? How much time would I be talking about spending teaching each day? PreK, K, 3rd, and 5th grade. Could I realistically teach all four grades and still keep up with my adoption work? That is the question.


Nataly 6:36 PM  

We used Calvert-24 yrs ago :) for 3 of our kids in 3 diff. grades- 1st, 3d and 4th grade. We had our house on the market and a new baby at the time. It worked well for us because I did not have to be that involved and that is what we needed that year. It was a very traditional cuuriculum and I am sure they have changed it some since then. We only used it that one year though...I like other curriculum or a mix of them now.

mommajeane 7:18 PM  

Opps that was me posting under Nataly's sign when she blogged. I hate when that happens :)