Sunday, August 14, 2011

Not enough to do

Don't have enough to do? Well, I have the perfect solution for you! Just change around 4 bedrooms in your house!

Turn your master bedroom into a school room for your kids.

Turn your 4 year old's bedroom into your bedroom.

Turn your 10 year old's bedroom into a bedroom for two boys.

And turn the boys' bedroom into a bedroom for 2 girls.

Oh! Don't forget to go through every piece of clothing, sorting them out for donations, hand-me-downs, summer, and winter clothes.

Don't forget to weed out all the extra clothes, and school papers, and craft supplies, and dirty pullups (yuck)!

Voila! You instantly have at least 3 days of solid work in front of you. Boredom be gone! =-)

Anita...who is heading back upstairs now.


mary grace 4:53 PM  

Ha! I lost my master bedroom to the boys years ago. :-) We only have three bedrooms in our house, so we have a boys' room, a girls' room, and our room. The boys rate the big room b/c there are four of them, and only two of us! LOL!