Friday, September 09, 2011

En garde!

Last Monday evening we got a notice about an "Introductory to Fencing" class that was starting the following day. We aren't typically ones to make last minute decisions on extra-curricular activities, but the class is only 4 weeks and is fairly inexpensive at $35. We figured it would be a good experience for the kids, if nothing else. Are the fencing uniforms too much, or what?! LOL! Since it's just an intro class it was first come, first serve on the things they had. As you can imagine, there aren't may folks Samren's size suiting up--and the helmets were HUGE!The class was for anybody of any age. I found it humorous that my little Sammy and Taevy were in line in front of a guy that must have been 6'3" or so.
They had a great turn-out (since I doubt our town is the hub of fencing in America)! It was actually pretty interesting. I really know nothing about it. The instructor explained a bit about the history of fencing as he explained the various terms (en garde, advance, retreat, foil, "french grip," etc.).
We always think it's neat to run into other adoptive families. In this class there were two Indian adoptees and two Asian adoptees. The Asian adoptees were actually the assistant instructors. I don't know if you can see in this picture, but one of the young gentleman only had on arm. Samren (who is also "different" because of his stature) found this so encouraging. He said, "See mom! People of all shapes and sizes can do fencing!" So true, little man.
Hmm....that's a pretty big sword (umm...foil) for a pretty little boy!

Can you see the focus in Samren's face?! Can you see the boredom in Taevy's face! Ha! He thought it was awesome. He was also pretty good. He has really fast little feet and was able to "advance" and "retreat" with very little bumping up and down (which is the goal). Taevy is wearing MY tennis shoes, which I think really impeded her ability to move properly! [They had to wear tennis shoes and her feet are growing so fast that she didn't have any that fit. She's a 7 and I'm an 8.5 so it was the best we could do.]

We have three more weeks of the intro class and then the kids can decide if they want to go to the "Beginning Foiling" class (which is 10 weeks and only $25 additional!). So far Samren is totaly hooked. Taevy says she will not be continuing. We'll see. The price is right, that's for sure! We checked on it and IF they decide to get more serious about it the start up kit is about $120. Sounds like a lot but if you compare it to the start up pads and stuff for something like football, it's actually less expensive. The folks at the local Fencing Club (who host the classes) were just great. They were so excited to see some young faces. You could especially see them warming up to Samren since he was SO serious about it! All in all, not a bad way to spend 1 hour a week.

En garde!
(Unfortunately, Samren is blocked in this video, but you can certainly see how bored Taevy is!)

P.S. Taevy, thank you for letting mommy post these pics! I know you weren't too thrilled about me posting them, but you look so cute and one day it will be a fun memory!


exmish 6:34 AM  

Good choice! I took a semester of fencing in college, and R took a semester for fun after we were married.

My instructor said fencing was proven to help organize the brain and improve thinking - similar to chess, too. :)