Thursday, September 15, 2011

Need prayers.

Prayers appreciated. Met with Bright's therapist today. Not what we were expecting (and I was open to a lot of things). I so want to check out for a while. In fact, I'm heading to my bed to do just that. I think my baby boy and I are due for a nice long nap--long enough for all the tears to dry up.


Mollie 1:09 PM  

i'll keep your family in my prayers, especially beautiful bright!

Jenni 2:07 PM  

Anita, praying for your entire family.

B 2:35 PM  

prayers coming your way, Anita. ~B

exmish 3:22 PM  


Amy 4:11 PM  


His Hands His Feet Today 4:33 PM  

Nothing is too heavy for the spirit of God to move!

Nik 6:34 PM  

many prayers

A. Gillispie 7:26 PM  

Thanks for the prayers. Doing better now. Lots to write about but I think it can wait for another day. I want to get good sleep tonight so that I can give my family my all tomorrow! Everything with Bright will be fine. He's the same little boy today that he was yesterday.

The Last Crusade 7:48 PM  

Sorry Anita. Praying for you guys.

Anonymous 8:07 PM  

Praying for you my friend!

CarrieT 11:49 PM  

Sending prayers on your behalf! And hugs!

Carrie T. - mom to 4 from Korea

c81bcd8e-4025-11e0-bf30-000f20980440 11:05 AM  

Prayers for you, Anita