Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In Bright's World...

At his b-day party (turned 6 on 10-4-11) Bright opened a card. I asked him to read it to us. The look he made cracked us all up!

Our little guy Bright lost one of his front teeth on Sunday! [This is his 3rd tooth to loose, and he's just at 6 years.] He already has a big gappy smile, so losing that front tooth gives him a HUGE empty space on top of his mouth. Is he not so cute? Since Bright really has no concept of money, the Tooth Fairy brings him candy. [The irony is not lost on me!] He was so excited to find a Tootsie Roll Pop under his pillow!

We continue our quest to figure out exactly what is going on with little man (socially, emotionally, academically, etc.). Monday was a big day for him. He went through 2 hours of in-home testing. I'm not sure exactly what they tested him for, but I know it included cognitive and behavioral stuff. I'm hoping to get the results in the next few weeks.

I won the SUPER MOMMY award by totally forgetting about the appointment! As I was rolling out of bed the door bell rings. Since I was up I yelled down for the kids to answer it. They did, and the guy started walking in. Taevy was like, "Excuse me! Why are you here?!" "I'm here to test Bright." Oh crap! I threw on yesterday's clothes, ran my fingers through my bed-hed hair, and ran downstairs. The guy was super nice. Of course the first thing he needed to do (after driving 2 hours to get here) was go to the bathroom. "Um...just a minute." I ran in and picked up the pieces of toilet paper the dog had chewed, flushed the toilet that hadn't been flushed, and prayed that he wouldn't lift up the seat and see what was under there! The sink was adorned with half-dried toothpaste spits and plenty of little hairs (hair cuts on Sunday). Nice. I *think* I grabbed my bra and panties off the entry way table before he saw them. Oh well. This is real life!

After the testing the evaluator couldn't give me any results. Lots of grading to do. He did mention that he thinks Bright could quite possibly have PTSD from all he's been through, but that it's very hard to diagnose in children. He also said that we should have him tested for apraxia. He thinks that could possibly be what's behind his very odd speech.

There are moments with Bright (sometimes hours) that I feel like my heart could just burst I love him so much! I will seriously catch myself smiling for no particular reason, listening to him play or watching him "read" a book. There are other times that I want to duck and crawl away because his stress causes me to go outside of my own window of tolerance. I don't want to scream at him because I know it's not his fault, but I DO want to scream at him because he's driving me crazy! LOL! Thank goodness that those blissful moments are there to carry us through. He's a GOOD kid that has had BAD stuff happen to him. What a survivor he is. How blessed we are to be given the opportunity to parent such a survivor!




whenpigsfly 2:53 PM  

Shades of my memories of life with (bio son) Gideon!!! I so hope that you are able to get a diagnosis (or diagnoses!) so that you can pursue treatment options and at least know that it IS something real! 20+ years ago, especially in military circles there were very few tests or diagnoses aside from ADHD and maybe some autism ideas, but only if your child was verbal and then quit.... now he's grown, a disabled Iraqi war vet, broken from a motorcycle accident and what I suspect is closed head injury added to the old issues. Wonder how many new issues could have been prevented by knowing more about the old ones? I'm hoping for good answers for Bright coz I love him like you described too and I love Gideon that same way...even today!!!! Love,

Heather 4:00 PM  

Sis, I thank God for you. I really, really do. And I freaking LOVE your morning apt routine! You're a braver woman than I, because had that been me, I would have told the kids to pretend we weren't at home!

Oh my gosh,I totally get it! An hour ago I almost body checked one of my best friends because she made a move to go into *THAT* part of the house!