Friday, October 14, 2011

"Unkin Spatch" 2011!

Every year since we became parents Eric and I have taken our kids to the pumpkin patch. We didn't know it would become such a tradition, but our kids have come to look forward to it each October. We always go to the same pumpkin patch. We always do the same thing. The kids always pose for TONS of pictures. And we always go in the early evening while the sun is low in the sky and the light is golden.

This year our neighbors from down the street (who also homeschool) asked if we wanted to do it as a homeschool activity, during the day. In my mind I was thinking, "Oh no! This will not be the same as we always do it! Eric won't be there! It will be during the day!" But my mouth said, "Sure! We'd love to!" And it was really a sweet time. We love our neighbors. Here's a pic of all of the kids (minus one teenager that had to get to her tech class, and plus one grandmother of the baby). One of the biggest sacrifices in going during the day was that the light wasn't "golden" and I knew I couldn't take up all of our time having the kids pose for pics. Still, we managed to get a few good ones here and there. They definitely aren't my favorite pumpkin patch pics of all time, but they will do. The sun was in their eyes for most of the pics. Bright was having a pretty "off" day so I didn't get much eye contact with pics. =-(
Taevy, while always beautiful, was not having her best pic day. She was feeling shy because there were other kids (that she knew) around. We didn't get those sparkling Taevy pics we normally get!My poor little Sammy! He was a preemie and (we suppose because of that) has always been extremely sensitive to light. He really feels pain when he's trying to smile for the camera when the sun is in his eyes. Nevertheless, we managed some pretty good pics of Sammy-Man! The one below he was giving me a dirty look because I was taking a pic of him sitting out (his choice) while all the others rode the ponies! Sammy is totally adored by our little neighbor from down the street. Follows him everywhere. Puts his arm around him as they walk. Wants to do everything Samren does. It's SO cute! [Chris is just 6.] Chris's mom and I had a good laugh about Chris explaining to Samren why he HAD to ride the ponies even though he didn't WANT know...because Samren didn't ride the pony and he couldn't lose cool points with Samren! ;-) [Ironically, Samren totally adores Nick, Chris's older brother. Samren wants to gain cool points with Nick! It's a bit of a love triangle!]

Bright-O was feeling a little anxious about the whole pumpkin patch thing. Beyond the fits he threw when he got overwhelmed, it's the little things (like making eye contact with me/the camera) that shows how he is feeling. Still, his smile is beautiful every time!

I LOVE this shot of him riding the pony! This is "real" Bright. I was going to say Kendi was in "unique form" during our time at the patch, but that's not true. She was Kendi--always full of energy and spunk! She was actually telling me to take pictures of her, silly girl!

When she was riding the pony she was swaggering her body back and forth (her idea of a cow girl I guess), making this "Yeah, I rock this pony!" face the whole time.

"Mommy! Take a picture of me picking up this unkin!" =-) Kendi couldn't stop talking about the "unkin spatch" and didn't understand why we only go once a year!

It was a really sweet time. I always enjoy Autumn with my kids. We all talked about it, and think that next year we really need the Daddy to come with us again. He was missed. And Mommy missed that golden evening light! Still, we enjoyed spending the time with our precious neighbors.


Amy 10:48 PM  

SOOOOOOOOO precious, these photos! SOunds like it was a good time, mostly, even if it was different. What an incredibly cool place. :)