Thursday, November 10, 2011

I guess I'm not ready to write yet...

I put up a vague post about Bright on Facebook today, and then said I would write a longer post on the blog. Guess not. The page has been sitting her empty for hours. I don't have the mental energy to spend on a long drawn out post right now.

We got all of the psychological/behavioral/cognitive testing results for Bright today. It's sort of what we expected, but maybe a bit "worse" than we expected. He has received the diagnosis of "Mild Intellectual Disability." Back in my day it would have been "Mild Mentally Retarded." Back about 100 years ago the scientific label would have been "Moron." Yeah...

Well, he's not a label. And given the specifics of his testing, I think he's doing INCREDIBLY well. I haven't cried. Don't feel like crying. I'm not particularly affected by this news. Just sad for my baby and what it might mean for his future. And yet, he's the same Bright today that he was yesterday.

Maybe I'll write more on another day.



Kathy 10:25 PM  

I know & I feel your pain... Praying for you & sending hugs.


Mama D.'s Dozen 12:03 AM  

So sorry.

Labels are tough. Sometimes they can be helpful ... others times they can put our children in a box that we really don't want them put into.

As you said, he is still the same boy today that he was yesterday. You love him with all your heart (no matter the label) and you will continue to make the very best choices for him academically, socially, mentally, and physically.

You are a GREAT mama, Anita, and I KNOW that the LORD will give you ALL that you need to help Bright be successful in every way.

Hugs from a mama who has kids with all kinds of labels.

Laurel :)

whenpigsfly 1:10 AM  

Sending hugs your way and understanding.... I just love Bright because he is precious. THAT' s my label for him: PRECIOUS!! Love you my friend,

Ericka 8:07 AM  

It's a lot to gentle on yourself and give yourself time :)


Chantelle 8:32 AM  

This is weird because I was literally just sitting here struggling to write a blog post about the exact same thing. We were just told that our daughter is "mildly mentally retarded" yesterday by a neuropsychologist after her evaluation. A lot to process. Email me?

Cindy 6:15 PM  

((((hugs))))) momma.

Rose M. Welch 9:01 AM  

When my oldest son was going through his evals, the doctor kept trying to tell me not to be offended or hurt by whatever she put on the report. Finally, I told her:

"My son will be to same tomorrow as he was when I brought him in here. If you can put a name to some of his characteristics, great. But, either way, he's the same kiddo and he's my son."

mary grace 3:14 PM  

Your son is your son, regardless of how the medical establishment defines him. As the mother of a boy with moderate mental retardation, I know your pain, and I know your uncertainty. But I know this even more so: God is bigger. I see it ... when Oli does things he's not "supposed" to be able to do. When he gives us flashes of what's inside. And, most importantly, when I realize how much my God loves me, that He gave me this boy in the first place. ((hugs))

Christy 10:47 PM  

There's not much I can say that hasn't already been posted by these awesomely encouraging ladies before me.

I second Laurel's are a GREAT mama, Anita! Bright is with you & Eric because YOU are part of God's perfect plan (no, you aren't perfect...none of us are...but HE is and HE is the one who brought your family together)! :)

Sending prayers & hugs to you, sweet friend.


GrandmaB 8:08 AM  

As Mary Grace said: "God is bigger." Absolutely.

GrandmaB 8:09 AM  

As Mary Grace said, "God is bigger." Absolutley!

Kristin 9:53 PM  

Praying for you guys as you have been digesting this. You are an amazing mom and your family is so blessed to have each other.

Kristin 9:54 PM  

Praying for you guys as you have been digesting this. You are an amazing mom and your family is so blessed to have each other.