Monday, November 28, 2011

Loud House!

From Thanksgiving afternoon until this afternoon the big kids were away on a little trip with Grandma and Grandpa G.. They had a great time, but I missed them terribly over the Thanksgiving weekend at my mom's house! When we got home last night we still had to wait until this afternoon for the family to be united again.

There is an interesting thing that happens when our big kids and little kids are separated. Honestly, there is more peace. The big kids are great together and the little kids are great together. When the two pairs are together we have more arguments, more stress, and a LOT more noise. [Just being honest.] It's not that the bigs don't love the littles, but it just so happens that the pairs sort of play off of each other's areas of trauma. [Example: Samren has a tendency to feel victimized, and Bright often bullies him.]

This afternoon the big kids came home and the decibel level skyrocketed! [It didn't help that Taevy told her grandparents she needed to take her ADHD medication only once a day rather than 3 times a day!] The stress level went up. The arguments increased. These all sound like bad things, but I sure do like it better when all of my kids are together. As dysfunctional as we are, we were placed together to make this family. It doesn't feel right any other way.

Kendi, working hard to write her name!
Mac cracks me up. This is the chair he likes to lay in, but ornaments were in his way. He would NOT give up on "his" spot today. He just crammed himself onto 1/3 of the chair. He fell off over and over again but kept getting back up again. I'm sure there's a lesson to learn here.
Mac and Lucy in their "normal" daytime sleeping spot.
Best friends, for real. This weekend Bright did something to upset Kendi. Kendi looked at him and said, "Are you my best friend, or not?!"

"Yes Kendi. I your very best friend."
Not bad for a self-photo, eh?




Mama D.'s Dozen 2:12 AM  

Thanks for keeping it real about your "dysfunctional" family. I used a short quote (with links) on a post I just wrote.