Monday, December 26, 2011

Beden Christmas

The weekend before Christmas is always our first Christmas celebration. The family and I trekked up to Kansas on Friday morning to help my mom with the final preparations for our family gathering on Saturday. Unfortunately, Friday evening turned everything on its head. We learned the news that my uncle had passed away. After that nobody felt like doing anything but crawling up into a ball. But my mom wanted to go ahead with the Christmas gathering the next day, even if her heart was breaking inside.Our tradition on Christmas Eve is to give the kids new PJ's. My mom does this for the kids as well. Bright was NOT in the mood for pictures! I sort of giggle when I see this pictures. "Which one of these looks different than the other?"

The next morning everybody arrived in their PJ's at 9am. I caught this pic of some of the grandkids playing with the Little People Nativity. They weren't focused on the gifts in their stockings, which I liked.
First, breakfast. Then, gift-giving. My mom was doing her best to keep it smile for her kids and grandkids, to find JOY in the midst of her sadness. However, this pic tells how she was really feeling.
Family pic.

14 grandbabies, and counting? [3 weren't able to be there.]

Bright's "Santa" gift was cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. He LOVES them, and hasn't taken off his boots since except for sleeping and baths!

I had to fill Eric and Taevy in...that it wasn't crazy hat date, it was Christmas!
My mom made these awesome photo collages for all of my kids--including her favorite pictures of each child.
Mom also had the awesome idea to make memory boxes for each child. My step-dad painted them and she decorated them with much care. These were a big hit. Another crafty idea my mom had was to make "gumball jars" out of small terra cotta planters, lids, a glass bowl, and wooden knobs. Aren't they so cute?! [I know you want to "pin" this on your pinterest boards!] ;-)
So, this was our first Christmas celebration with family. It was "different" because of the loss we were going through at the time, but there was still joy floating around, keeping us from drowning. I hope that when my mom looks back in years to come she is able to see what a great celebration she planned for her loved ones.


Momto16 8:42 PM  

The picture of your mom made me cry! :(
That is wonderful that you all could still have this special time for the kids despite the sadness. I just love all the special gifts throughout these posts..the sewing machines, gumball ” machines” and memory them all! Your family is so wonderful.