Monday, December 26, 2011

Gillispie Christmas/Christmas Day

After our morning at home we headed over to Eric's parents for the rest of the day. We always try to coordinate the kids' "Christmas Clothes" each year. [Christmas and Easter--it's a thing for me.] I just realized that without intending too Eric and I also coordinated. Ha!My very best gifts on this earth. My children.Daddy and Bright got in a good round of gun-slinging!Kendi got her own "big soft baby" from Grandma and Grandpa G. She didn't ask for a baby doll from ANYBODY else--only Grandma G. She loves it. Her name is Alex.
My sister and brother in law got all of the kids these cool "Thrity-One" bags with their names embroidered on them. Very neat! The kids really like them, as do I!Sweet Niece and her growing family.The big surprise of the day was when Grandma gave Taevy and Morgan (one month apart in age) their very own grown-up sewing machines! These are not toy machines, but rather machines that will take them into adulthood. Along with the machines comes sewing lessons from Grandma! Taevy won't bring her machine home until she has completed a series of Home Economics classes with her grandma. So special.

After all of the gifts were opened each one went to their own thing for a while. Samren, building his legos....

Earle and the girls (and most of the rest of us if I'm being honest) played around with our new electronic toys.

I think Samren had the right idea! He did what we were all ready to do by the end of the day--go to sleep! Isn't falling asleep at Grandma's house the best? I remember the feeling of warmth, and utter safety as I fell asleep on my Nanny's house when I was a child. I'm glad that my kids have that same sense of security at their grandparents' house. It was a sort of difficult month for me (with the passing of my uncle) but I will remember this Christmas with fondness. My children enjoy all of their gifts, but they get it. What they "get" isn't their focus. They spent a lot of time this season thinking about how they could give to others, in honor of what Christ has given them.



P.S. Eric is making good progress on the goal!