Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yarn Braids--Reveal!

Yarn braids are now complete. 73 braids was our total this time. I left you last when we were here...Here is her proud smile when I had finished installing the braids but before I finished the ends.
Here is the final result. I decided to see if I liked bangs this time. I think it's sort of cute. What do you think? The cool thing is, if I get tired of them, I'll just cut them off and replace them with longer braids!Shot from the back. I never plan out the parting. I just grab what feels like the right amount of hair for each braid and go with it. When I saw this photo it surprised me that it looks like I actually planned out a grid or something!Just to add a bit more pizazz I added these cute little diddies I found at the dollar store. Not enough to do all 73 braids so just the 5 bang braids will have to do!

A few people asked for a tutorial on these. There's lots of info online if you don't want to wait for me, but I did have Taevy take pics of each step. [She's so good with the camera. The pics are pretty clear!] When I get a bit of time I plan to post the step by step on the blog. =-)




Mama D.'s Dozen 3:34 AM  

Looks GREAT!

I really like the little bangs, especially since Kendi has such a high forehead.

I have quite a bit of details about the "how-to's" on my blog, if any readers want to just pop over and look in my archives under "Yarn Braids".

I'm trying to find a 10 hour stretch of time to put 125+ yarn braids in my 10 year old's hair.

Laurel :)

Claire 6:54 AM  

She looks very pretty. I for one love the bangs!

FullPlateMom 6:59 AM  

They look wonderful! I love the clippies too!

Kelly L 7:54 AM  

What a great job!! And I love the bangs! Look at her big smile!!

Cora 9:09 AM  

She is SO cute! Have a merry Christmas!

Janel 8:31 AM