Thursday, January 12, 2012

Standing in Awe...

It never gets old watching God work! If you're in the Ghana adoption community this probably isn't news to you, but I just feel like I need to SHOUT in praise of Him who makes all things possible!

Ghana Adoption has been experiencing a bought of "constipation" once again--in most areas of the process. Court, no movement. I-600 approvals, one particular family waiting an insanely long time for news. Communication with the embassy, incredibly slow and frustrating. Visa print dates, six weeks out. Frustration at all levels.

I'm a member of a Ghana adoption FB group and one member suggested that we put all of that frustration into positive thoughts and prayer. That turned into an invitation to grab an hour and commit to pray around the clock for BREAKTHROUGH in ever facet of the process. I think we've been praying as a community for a few days now.

In that small amount of time we have seen God truly answer prayers that have been ongoing for MONTHS! The embassy has responded to emails within a few days rather than a few (or more) weeks. Visas that were set to be printed in mid-February are instead being printed this week. And (most amazingly to me) the family who had been waiting for over 100 days for I-600 approval got approval today! Oh, and just for kicks the Lord decided to give that family's best friends (who is also adopting) I-600 approval today as well! Truly, He is showing His hand in a big way right now. As a believer I am quick to see God in everything, but I imagine even if I were an non-believer I would have to do a double-take at all that has happened in the past few days. Really, could it be just happenstance? My heart shouts NO!

Prayers are for continued progress in all of these areas, but there is now a great anticipation to see what the Lord will do for those who have been waiting long days for news of court, and those children who have been waiting many months in legal limbod (no family, but also not free for adoption). How will He choose to show Himself in these areas?

My continued prayer is that we would not only see the Lord when He decides to do these great big huge things for all to see but also when, in all His wisdom, He allows the wait to go on much longer than is comfortable.