Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Singing Praises!

So many praises during these busy days!

  • My Ghana tourist visa arrived today! That is one week from the day I mailed it (with my bank account number showing, and without my flight intinerary)! It arrived in a plain manilla envelope. I just KNEW they had returned it for corrections. Why wasn't it my Fedex return envelop that I pre-paid for? I held my breath and opened it. But there it was! 4 year multiple entry visa with receipt attached. Woo-hoo!

  • My kids' homeschool choir has given us permission to collect items for me to take to Ghana. Hopefully we'll collect at least 2 suitcases full! My donation closet is mostly empty for the first time in five years. Who knows? Maybe we'll fill it up again?

  • I just realized today is TUESDAY instead of WEDNESDAY. There is nothing better than gaining another day in the week when you have too much to do! Thank you Lord!

  • There's an awesome U.S. organization that is going to be in Ghana at the same time I am. We're firming up plans to meet up while I'm in Ghana. I can't wait to get to know these folks better, and to discover how we can best serve Ghana's children together!

  • I'm almost done with budget (the bane of my existence) and I still have one more day in February). I will be very glad to be done with that!

There are many confirmation each day that I need to be in Ghana right now. I've started the preliminary agenda and WOW is it tight. I pray that the Lord would make my paths straight and lead me to represent my families well.


CarrieT 11:15 PM  

That is a big praise that your visa came! I know you were short on time. Yeah, Jesus!

Carrie T.