Monday, March 12, 2012

Ghana, March 2012--Journal 2

Wonderful day. Past midnight now and I'm exhausted, mostly because of a horrid headache that decided to attack me in the last few hours. A few seriously random and unorganized thoughts (typed with my eyes closed).

Five hours of conversation with Paul Anaba will refuel my spirit to do this work for a long time coming. When I hear this man's passion for the work he does, and I see how much he sacrifices for the children he serves, I figure I can AT LEAST continue to do my job so that he can do his job. What a person of beauty.

Got to hang out for a few hours with the Kairos folks this evening! What neat ladies (and one gentleman)! All of these people are from my town, and yet we meet in Ghana. So weird.

One of my goals for this trip is to spiff up AAI's travel packet with more resources and/or more up-to-date resources. Today is the day the Lord decided to "deliver" some transportation resources! I met a taxi driver this afternoon that not only has a nice taxi WITH aircon, but he will actually turn on the aircon AND not charge an arm and a leg! He will hire by the hour and in advance as well. Very cool. This tonight, the driver for Kairos mentioned they had great rates after I mentioned I couldn't afford to rent a driver/vehicle by the day. He wasn't joking. They have aircon small cars starting at $50 a day! They start the day with a full tank and you just fill it again at the end of the day. That easy. That is a GREAT deal. I feel like I have all these goodies to share with my Ghana adopt friends when I get home!

My hotel is turning out very well. The staff here are so very friendly. They really seem to care for my safety and well-being. At the same time, they don't bug me when I'm just trying to be alone or get stuff done. Besides the fact that there is a fire alarm-like in my room that chirps constantly ever 2-3 minutes, I'm quite satisfied. I'm satisfied enough to ignore "chirpie." This is why I bring earplugs!

Okay, I must sleep now. It's past midnight and I am down to 6.5 hours sleep even though my medicines require at least 8 and my body is used to 10-12 (that fibro thing). Tomorrow more discussions will be had with Kairos, and we will visit Beacon House, Nyame Dua, and a few other homes. It should be a good day!



lea 6:37 PM  

Chirping means it needs new batteries.

lea 6:37 PM  

Chirping means it needs new batteries.

TLM 6:45 PM  

Can't wait tompick your brain about all the cool resources you've discovered. Especially the DRIVER! Awesome! Tell Romana hello for me and Heather if she is there. Please also give Miss Vivian and her daughter Faith and extra squeeze from me. Tell them I am coming soon. Early June. God Bless you for tolerating the chirping....but so Ghana. Thats why I travel with Ambien AND Xanax! Haha. Hugs my friend...soak up that country we love so much.

CarrieT 8:04 PM  

Glad you made it there safely, Anita. Will pray for a successful trip in every way. May you be a blessing to others and be blessed yourself!

Carrie T.

Anonymous 6:22 AM  

Thank you so much for allowing us to travel this journey with you to Ghana through your posts. We pray for your continued safety and that God will just bless your socks off the entire trip. Hope you get over your headache real soon so that you can enjoy your stay even more.

DB 6:26 AM  

Not Anonymous, sorry hit the wrong button.