Wednesday, May 30, 2012

14 years + a Lifetime

Today Eric and I celebrate 14 years of marriage.  Every year of marriage after 13 is significant to me because my parents divorced before 13 years and at the time I remember thinking, "They were married for SO LONG.  Who gets divorced after being married THAT long?"  So it's a special thing to me that my kids have a mom and a dad who are still married, and actually still in love as an extra bonus!

 Our marriage has never been a super passionate one.  Before my dad died (at the age of 44, when I was 18 years old) he told me to marry my best friend.  I was lucky enough to do just that--my best guy friend anyway (mom gets best girlfriend spot)!  Our marriage is based on that friendship.  We are good partners.  We tend to agree on the really important stuff.  It works, for the most part.

Eric took the day off work, arranged for his parents to care for the kids from noon today until noon tomorrow, and made a reservation at The Melting Pot (fondue) restaurant for dinner tonight.  [Yes, BIG hubby points!]  Before the kids left this morning Taevy took pictures of the two of us out in the yard.  We've aged a bit in 14 years (actually more like 16 years together), but we worked hard for every one of those sags and wrinkles and scars!
Thank you for 14 years of life-sharing my love.  I hope for many more multiples of 7 to come!


Mama D’s Dozen 3:51 PM  

Happy Anniversary!!! Hope your "date night" is wonderful.

Our 30th is coming up this summer.

:) :) :)

Chantelle 5:20 PM  

Happy Anniversary! :) You two make a sweet couple. (cute pics!)

Kait 7:00 PM  

Happy anniversary!!

Heather 8:15 PM  

Happy Anniversary beautiful friend! And I love your top! Very flattering style! And Taevy! That girl can shoot some great pictures. I love the one behind the trees!

mommajeane 9:39 PM  

Happy Anniversary ! Cute post

Robin Dodd Photography 11:45 AM  

Great Job on these photos Taevy!! So cute!

Ericka 7:25 PM  

Congratulations!!!! Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a wonderful day :)