Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A few interesting (to me) things....

The adoptive families I get to work, and those I've gotten to know over the years through the miracle of adoption seriously never cease to amaze me.  Seriously.  There was a situation today where there was an immediate need in our Uganda program.  I put the word out on my facebook page and on our AAI Ghana facebook page.  Several AAI Ghana families immediately stepped up to donate what they could, and one of my old Cambodia adoption buds helped with the rest.  THE REST!  Wow.  Lord, thank you for putting such incredible people in my life, that I might see Your goodness through them.


I have recently been writing on this blog about my concerns with the Christian Adoption Movement.  My thoughts have been fairly consumed with ways the movement could help or hinder the Lord's mandate to care for orphans in their distress.  So, is it any coincidence that our church will be focusing on adoption and foster care this Sunday morning and they have asked our family (among others) to participate with "cardboard testimonies?"  Oh boy!  Nobody can say that the Lord doesn't have a healthy sense of humor!  Of course we want to participate (as we *DO* support adoption and foster care after all).  The challenge will be participating and writing our cardboard testimonies in a way that honors our God, or family, our children, and their first families.  No small feat!


We've been considering a larger vehicle.  Right now we have an 8-passenger Honda Pilot, which we love.  However, as four children grow the vehicle already feels smaller and smaller.  Did you know that most 8-passenger vehicles out there really don't have more cargo space than the Pilot?  It's like the Suburban or Sequoia are the only things out there with larger cargo space (excluding 12 or 15 passenger vans).  PLEASE post if there's more out there that we should be considering.  I don't think we need quite as much cargo as the Suburban, but we'd like more than the Pilot.


Celina 1:59 PM  

We have an '02 Ford Expedition that seats 8. The cargo space it a tiny bit bigger than the Sequoia (if I remember correctly). The rear seats also fold flat (flush) w/ the cargo space. There may be two models, one w/ a larger cargo space. Chevy also has an 8 seater but I cant remember which model. My sister has one - cargo space doesn't really exist and seats don't fold flat and the legroom in the rear seating seems weird (floor higher?).

Claire 7:52 PM  

We're in the same boat with the car situation. My minivan is starting to feel too small. I actually had more cargo space in my two previous cars...a Jeep Cherokee and a station wagon. Now my van is just full of kids, lol. If I forget to take the stroller out there is no room for groceries. I test drove a Suburban though, and it was crazy big. Just massive. I felt like it was meant for 8-9 adults, not a family with little kids.