Sunday, June 17, 2012

To Washington!

On Friday morning I'm heading to Seattle to spend 5 days in the state of Washington!  It's been a pretty crazy and emotional time in my life, and tickets were just purchased last week, so I'm sharing this a bit last minute.  I've worked for AAI for the past 5 years and I've never had the opportunity to meet the people I work with face to face.  I know...sort of hard to believe!  I've also never been to Washington (or the Northwest U.S.).  It's always been a place on my list to visit, so it's exciting for more than one reason.

I'll be arriving Friday afternoon and will depart the following Tuesday afternoon.  From Friday until Sunday afternoon I'll be in the Seattle area.

Friday: Arrive.  Meeting in Tacoma. 

Saturday:  Tour Seattle with board members (space needle and all that other fund touristy stuff!)

Sunday:  Restful day.  AAI Ghana family get-together.  Go to Port Townsend.

Monday:  From Port Townsend to Port Angeles.  Meet co-workers and work in the office.

Tuesday:  Work in the office?  Commuter flight from Port Angeles to Seattle.  Home.

My mom spent part of her childhood in Washington and is *SO* excited for me!!  I admit, I haven't had the time I would have liked to just sit down and enjoy the thought of the beautiful sights I'm sure I will see.  From what I'm told, it is absolutely STUNNING in these areas.  I will definitely have my camera ready!  At the same time, I'm looking forward to getting some good work done with my co-workers.  These days most everything can be done across the miles, but there are a few things that are best done face to face. 

I'm very thankful for the opportunity to see Washington and meet the people I work with every day.  The AAI Board has arranged this trip for me, and I can't thank them enough.


Monica 11:27 PM  

Hey Anita

We live in Oak Harbor WA. It sounds like you will be very busy, but if you happen onto Whibey Island and are near the Deception Pass could walk to our house :) Have a great trip.

Mama D’s Dozen 1:29 AM  

Wish you had an extra day so that all of your Washington Bloggy Friends could meet you. :)

Hope your time in our beautiful state is fun, relaxing, and rewarding work. Don't forget to bring a raincoat. :)


Dozen Senses 7:50 AM  

I wish your meetings were closer to my house & I'd insist that you stay here (free lodging of course)! I live 15-20 miles west of Seattle Center / 30 miles from the airport. -wish I could meet you!

Erin 5:00 PM  

You will have fun Anita. I'm from the Seattle and Portland area. We are headed out July 25th to visit my family... haven't been home in 3 yrs, so looking forward to it. Only problem is whenever we go out there, makes us a little sad we don't live there.