Thursday, July 05, 2012

Freeport Tomorrow = Double Meaning!

Oh, I *SO* wanted to like Chicago!  And I'm betting if it were another week (NOT 4th of July week) in another set of circumstances (NOT one of their hottest weather streaks ever) I could have.  As it is, this just really hasn't been the best 4 days.  I am ready to be out of this big hot concrete city and into nice little Freeport, Illinois where I know it is family friendly, car-friendly, and Gillispie-friendly!

The people here have been extraordinarily nice, truly.  There was just a big learning curve for us.  Now that we're over the curve it's time to leave.  If we came here again we could have a much better time (if it wasn't 4th of July week and it wasn't 100+ degrees outside).

We will have LOTS to laugh about in years to come, as this "vacation" has been bad enough as to be comical--like what else could go wrong?!  Just as an example....  It took us 2 hours to get exactly 1 mile from where we're staying today (because of our poor transportation choice).  We abandoned our transportation choice when we saw it would be another two hours to get to the Shedd and got there in a taxi in 5 more minutes!  Then we pay $175 to buy a family membership at the Shedd Aquarium in order to avoid a BLOCK long line that would have had us standing in line another two hours; only to stand in another line for 45 minutes to get some lunch (bypassing any thoughts of looking at exhibits--that would be after lunch).  We had LITERALLY just all finally gotten our drinks and food on the tray when a man comes in to announce that we have to evacuate the building!  SERIOUSLY!  [Electricity went out--heat-related.]

2.5 hours to get there; $175 to get in the door; 45 more minutes to stand in line and get close enough to food to smell it; then evacuate the building back out into the 100+ degree temps.  No Shedd.  No food.  Goodbye.

This pretty much sums up our 4 days in Chicago! LOL!  We're headed to F-R-E-E-Port tomorrow! LOL!

Anita...who really could love Chicago on a different trip.  The Chicago mojo just isn't here right now.  Gotta get outta here!


GrandmaB 7:06 PM  

I hope the last half of your vacation is smoother and cooler sailing than the first half. Your stories have been comical, but I'm not there in the heat melting! You've navigated your way in the big city and have built memories. Safe travels tomorrow. Love you all!

GrandmaB 7:06 PM  
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mommajeane 8:31 PM  

I had to laugh when I read your first post about Chicago...I was there31 yrs ago with 2 little ones visiting Paul who was in training for IBM..It was the most child unfriendly place I had ever been- No high chairs or bibs at the McDonalds even. From our room we watched a man kill himself by jumping in the Chicago River- they pulled his body out when we took a walk later :(. The cost of things even back then was huge. It does not sound like it has changed much. Hope your next destination is better for you. I wish we could make it to the Ghana gathering.