Friday, September 14, 2012

When it Rains, It Pours

I usually think of this saying as a discouraging thing.  As if rain is a bad thing.  No.  Rain replenishes the earth.  Rain cleans and makes things fresh again.

In the past 9 days, it has RAINED good news for the families in my Ghana adoption program.  It has POURED good news!  I honestly don't remember the last time this much goodness happened this quickly.  First, one of the most honorable families I've ever worked with received their kids' visas.  Then, five--yes FIVE--families received I-600 approvals this week (in FABULOUS time!).  Next, a precious-to-me family received a long (too long!) awaited document.  To top it all off, two families were created in the Ghanaian courts today.

That's nine families with super significant steps in their adoptions completed in the last nine days.  PRAISE BE TO GOD!  Let it be known Lord, that I will never take for granted your POWER in the lives of these children and families.  I will never forget to thank YOU when breakthrough occurs.  I give you the praise for each one of these good things.  Thank you for raining down these blessings in the lives of "my" families.


Mama D’s Dozen 10:57 PM  

So happy for you . . . and all of the families that you work with.

:) :) :)

Autumn 1:21 AM  

Thats awesome!!!! So excited for these kids and their forever families!