Thursday, December 27, 2012

JOY to the World

Another Christmas has come and gone, and this year was better than last (when I lost my dear uncle and the man I respected most in the world).  Things weren't quite back to normal this year, but we're making ground (right mom?).
I'm so thankful for my sweet family.  They give me so many happy memories to toss in with the bitter moments that it's all easier to swallow down.  And of course, it's really not all about family like the world would like to have us think.  It's about the advent--the arrival--of our Lord Jesus Christ into this old fallen world of ours.  And THIS feeling of hope is sweet and fresh and new every year!  In fact, every day.
I managed to take 269 photos this December--not counting the many that are still on my iphone (which is quickly replacing my regular camera).  I have lots of good ones this year--too many to share on the blog--so I'll start out sharing some of my favorite kid pictures (especially foursome pics).  There is nothing that makes this mama happier than a really good pic of all four of my kids together!
First Christmas gift we bought for them this year.  My kids love these ball stuffed animals and the ones with the big eyes!
 Christmas Day
December 9th--First "Christmas" of the year--Cousins Christmas 
 December 9th Cousins Christmas
 Beden Christmas December 22nd--Gma B got everybody one of these cups and it was a huge hit!
 Christmas Eve--new hats from Aunt Margaret!  I don't think Bright has taken his off but for a few hours since. =-)
 Christmas Eve PJs
 Christmas Morning, waiting to come downstairs!
A foursome of Peanut Brittle makers.  A 6th generation tradition in our family, not dieing off with me.
I hope that this Christmas you had much JOY.  And if you were like me, recovering from a joy lost last year, I hope that you found more joy this year than last.  The Lord is there to give it to us if only we will open up our soft underbellies (or hardened hearts) to receive.