Friday, March 17, 2006

Confirmation is Confirmed!

What a joyous day for the Liberian adoption community! As I posted earlier, adoptions have been on hold for the past few weeks as we awaited the confirmation of Vivian Cherue, the new Deputy Minister of Health and Social Welfare. We received news late last night that she had been confirmed yesterday. But after all of the rumors of the past two weeks people were leery to believe it. =-) This morning the news has been confirmed two more times by the adoption organizations working in Liberia!

Praise God for this wonderful surprise! I was personally prepared to wait months for the confirmation to take place, but the Lord had a much quicker plan in place!!! This means that my friends who are so close to travel can once again travel to pick up their precious children. Come home Jenneh! Come home Caleb and Madisyn!