Saturday, March 18, 2006

I am so Blessed!

I have posted before about how wonderful my husband is--what a fantastic father he is to our children. It blows my mind that he doesn't see himself this way. Of course, I suppose if he thought himself a great father he may not work so hard to be a great father!! No--I take it back--he is a great DADDY. My husband is a Daddy. He is warm and cuddly and nonthreatening. He is my children's warm place to fall. He caresses their cheeks as they fall asleep, and sings songs to them (even if they are our university's fight song!) to calm them down.

I think that most great Daddies are also great husbands--at least mine is. Every Saturday morning he wakes up early for Daddy time with the kids and allows me to sleep as late as I'd like. It's not unusual for me to walk downstairs to see a scene like I've posted above. He doesn't just tune the kids out while they watch cartoons. He plays with them. He interacts with them. He SHOWS them that he loves them!

Today Eric let me go upstairs for a nap (love my naps people!) while the kids were asleep. They woke up before I did and I walked downstairs to the scene above. I took the picture before they knew I was there. Later, I asked him whose idea it was to get out the Lincoln Logs. He said, "It was mine. They wanted to play video games but I wanted them to do something more productive."

That's my hubby! That's my best friend! I am blessed!