Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dreams and Reality...

Today the kids were at preschool and I had a few hours of solace after my chores were done around the house. I decided to reward myself with an afternoon nap (LOVE my naps people!). Before I know it I am wrapped up in a hellish dream. I can't put it into paragraph form, but let me describe feelings, events, and objects:

  • rotting fruit
  • dizziness
  • searching for my kids and falling over as I got to them only to have them disappear
  • Eric trying to help me, but he couldn't
  • deciding at the end of the dream that satan was attacking me and going into battle with him
  • the feeling that satan was NOT going to keep me from my children!
  • rotting fruit, lots of rotting fruit

As I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock my brain could barely make sense of where I was. I was so out of it, and completely dizzy. In a haze I walked to the computer to check my email (my routine every time I wake up!).

The first email I read was an announcement from WACSN (the orphanage we are adopting from) that adoptions have been put on hold until the new Deputy Minister of Health and Social Welfare in Liberia is confirmed. [For those that don't know, Liberia's newly elected president took office in January.]

I knew immediately that my dream was one of *those* dreams--a dream that the Lord sends to me to share something, or warn me of something, or comfort me about something. I feel so strangely at peace about adoptions being put on hold for a bit. At the same time, I do feel that satan would love to use this time to keep adoptions on hold indefinitely. This is where my dream comes in, and my interpretation of it...

  • Rotting fruit: The children that are wasting away in orphanages, some of them already legally adopted, due to adoptions closing.
  • Trying to but not being able to find my children: Our quest to adopt from Liberia.
  • The attack of satan: The real attack that I believe satan has waged against Liberia's children.
  • My readiness to battle him for my children: My REAL willingness to battle him (if need be) in order to bring our children home! Prayer is a powerful thing my friends.

Please join us in the battle. Please pray for a quick confirmation of Liberia's Deputy Minister of Health and Social Welfare. Please pray for continued good relations between the Deputy, adoption organizations, and the US Embassy staff in Liberia. Let there be no rotting fruit in Liberia!