Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sometimes I Wonder...

[A good friend of mine, who is also adopting from Liberia, send this message out to friends and family today. I thought it was very poignant, and I received permission from her to post it to this blog. Please consider what YOU can do to care for the widows and orphans of the world. We can all do something.]
Sometimes I wonder.....

Sometimes I wonder why so few Christians obey the mandate in the Bible to care for the widows and orphans? The Bible mentions this over 60 times specifically.... yet it seems only a handful of Christians are obeying. The handful that are obeying are standing in a gap that is too wide for them to bridge themselves. Why aren't more churches and fellow Christians coming along side them to help shoulder such a huge responsibility by adopting, setting up ministries, and helping in other ways? It's easier to turn the other cheek, to say things like "what can little ole me do?", concentrate on other ministries, and to let someone else do it.

Sometimes I wonder why we, the ones who are caring for the orphans, are scrutinzed, put down, and made to jump through hoops that no one in their right and "natural mind" would. Imagine if everyone who wanted to conceive a child had to turn in five years of tax returns, bank statements, be fingerprinted by the FBI, be interviewed by social workers, undergo medical exams and drug testings, turn in marriage licenses and birth certificates, turn in financial statements of assests and liabilities, and the list goes on (each time you want to adopt). To make the decision to adopt, is to make the decision to live a transparent life for Christ. Who else would willingly turn over all of this information to numerous strangers?

Sometimes I wonder why we put ourselves through all of this yet again... it gets so old and so frustrating to jump through hoop after hoop after hoop. Then, I remember that we aren't doing this... Christ is doing this through us... his willing vessels.

Sometimes I wonder....
Why haven't more Christians said "Yes Lord" when he so freely adopted you? ...imperfections and all.


Christina 6:04 PM  

Hey Anita - welcome to the land of blogs! LOL. I'm so glad to hear of your latest adoption plans and that you are blogging about them! :-)
A big ol' "Amen" from me on your friend's post - it's a hard road we choose with adoption but full of rewards and I too wish more Christians would choose this path.
And about your dream - wow. I totally believe that Satan doesn't want orphans to have families - after all he's against everything Jesus stands for. I've felt this battle myself, last time with Cambodia, and this time with Vietnam. I'll be praying with you...for waiting kids all over the world.
Feel free to come check out my blog...I've got about 4-6 months of waiting ahead of me before we can bring our Zachary TrongDai home.

Anita and Family 11:43 PM  

Thanks Christina! Remind me of your blog address. I guess I missed that you had one. I would LOVE to stay updated on Zachary TrongDai's journey home! Love, Anita