Thursday, March 02, 2006

A New Travel Partner!

I just need to start of by saying, I LOVE MY MOMMY! That's right folks, my mom has stepped up to the plate and has agreed (if somewhat cautiously) to travel with me to Liberia!! For those who don't know my mom (Paula), she hopped on a plane to Cambodia BY HERSELF at the last minute when she couldn't stand the thought of not being there when I became a mommy for the first time (March 2001, Cambodia!). That is the moment in my life when I felt the most loved by my mom. And the fact that she is willing to travel once again with me, as I become a mom for (probably) the last time makes me feel just as loved. What an incredible woman she is!
My mom is NOT an adventurous person, but she has proven twice now that she will do anything for the love of her child (and grandchildren)! Here's a pic of my mom with 3 of her grandchildren (Samren, Taevy, and McKenzie):
Aren't my children blessed? As am I. :)