Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Developments =-(

Well, yesterday Eric and I were scheduled to receive our Yellow Fever and Polio shots from the health department. The international immunization nurse was super nice and it was apparent from the start that she was also a Christian.

As soon as she learned of Eric's health issues she began to act concern, but she dutifully went back to the room to draw up the immunizations. After a few minutes she came back out without the shots, looked Eric square in the eye and said, "Are you sure you want to do this? Are you sure you don't want to talk more about this with your doctors?" That opened up a conversation in which we shared that Eric (and I) both had a lack of complete peace about him traveling. After some more discussion the nurse shared that she had grave concerns.

Because of Eric's renal disease he is at a higher risk for "severe" reaction to the Yellow Fever vaccine. And if a severe reaction occurs, there is only a 50% chance for survival. PLUS, because of his renal failure he would not be allowed to take the most effective anti-malarial drug when we traveled.

I think both Eric and I knew immediately that this was confirmation that he is not to travel, as sad as we both were. We immediately began discussing who could travel with me in his place. More on that coming in another post....