Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Progress and Timeline

Since we've been at this for almost a month, I better catch you up on what has occurred so far with the process. Any of you who know me know that I do NOT like to go slowly when it comes to adoption paperwork. :)


  • February 3: Officially adopting!
  • February 6: Sent off our I-600a application to CIS (this is the document that has to be approved for us to be able to adopt internationally)
  • February 6-9: Gathered supporting documents needed for homestudy.
  • February 9: Our homestudy visit happened on this day at 3:00pm. By 5pm we knew we would be approved to adopt 2 children ages 0-4 years old from Liberia!
  • February 14: Received notice from CIS (immigration) that they received our application and we would receive a fingerprint appointment letter "soon."
  • February 27: Mailed rest of supporting documents to our Social Worker. Hope to have a homestudy by March 15th!
  • March 1: "Pinchies!" This is our kids' word for shots. :) Yellow Fever and Polio vaccines--check!

ESTIMATED TIMELINE (What we HOPE will happen!):

  • March 15: Homestudy approved.
  • April 15: CIS approval, form I-171h
  • April 20: Documents to Liberia (!
  • May 1: Referral(s)!!!!
  • June 1: Travel for our child(ren)!!
  • June 15: One BIG happy family of six Gillispies under one roof!


MaryEllen 10:33 PM  

hey anita,

so exciting to hear about your impending adoption(s)! i can't wait to follow your progress. i would love to adopt again, but just can't do it. so i'll adopt vicariously through you! thanks for letting me know about your blog - i'll be reading!

Anita and Family 11:42 PM  

Thank you MaryEllen! We are so excited to be adding two more to our family!