Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Rainbow Day

I shared a bit about the discouragement I've been feeling lately in my last post. Well, this only got worse at the beginning of this week due to a huge misunderstanding between me and the ministry we are hoping to use for our adoption. It's a horrible feeling when you know you were acting one way and are thought to have been of acting another way.

After a VERY hard day yesterday, full of tears and even a bit of worry about our adoption plans, I laid down last night and prayed. It was one of those completely exhausted, laying it at the feet of the Lord prayers. One of those prayers where you don't hardly have the words to say and the Spirit intercedes on your behalf. There was one resounding motive behind my prayers..."Lord, please help me FEEL you in this. Please help me to KNOW that you are in this. I just need to SEE you standing beside me in this."

This morning I awoke expecting it to be another thundery day. I feel horrible (sinus infection) and didn't want to do anything beyond sleep! But I dutifully got out of bed and started my roles of the day--wife, mommy, babysitter, teacher. It's funny how if you just get up and take the first few steps of the day you can make it, and even find joy in it. =-)

After making it through half of the day I had about 1/2 an hour before going to pick up the kids from preschool. So I lay down and began to pray. Then the phone rang. It was our Social Worker calling to say that our homestudy is complete!!! Of all of the things I wasn't expecting today!

I hung up with our SW and began praising my God--my heavenly "Daddy" who loves me more than I can imagine. I thanked him for being so faithful to our family.

If you look back at one of the first two entries in this blog I wrote out an "ideal" timeline for our adoption. One of the milestones was getting our homestudy completed by March 15th. Today is March 14th! Isn't it neat how God works things like that out? Not only did He make it possible for our expectations to be met, our expectations were EXCEEDED! That's my God. That's my heavenly "Daddy."

Today I awoke expecting thunder and clouds and instead, I got a Rainbow.