Sunday, March 12, 2006

Roller Coaster Ride

Oh what a week it has been! Sometimes at night it is so easy to sit at this computer and journal my thoughts about a specific feeling or event. Not this time. This past week has been such a roller coaster ride. I guess I shall post about each event individually....

Down, down down... About mid-week it finally hit me that adoptions have stopped in Liberia. I had been so upbeat about it all--telling myself that it will all happen in God's time. And I know it will! But my human flesh is still weak and I finally got sad about it. It saddens me that my friends' babies are stuck in country when I know that they so desperately need to be home. I have one friend whose baby is 10 pounds and 25 inches tall. TINY baby right? Well, this "baby" is actually a 16 month old toddler! This sweet baby girl is fighting the good fight and holding her own in Liberia. I know so many are praying for her daily, but I hurt for her--that she can't be here with her new parents and good medical facilities. Please pray for sweet Jenneh.

Up, up, up... We know how tiny Jenneh is because a doctor and his nurse spent the last 3 weeks at WACSN examining and treating all of the children there! The good doctor started a medical file on each of the children and also set up a frame work to give families medical histories upon arrival. When he left all of the children were in good shape, with no diarrhea to be found!

Down we go again... I have felt like such a bad person this week. In speaking up for one group of people, I put down someone else. I didn't pray over my words before I sent them out and someone very dear has now been hurt. I have asked forgiveness, and this person has given it. But it was a very harsh reminder for me that sometimes I can be so immature in my actions! In looking back, I just can't believe I did what I did! But praise the Lord for His mercy and forgiveness, and for the mercy and forgiveness He allows His servants to have towards those who have done wrong. Even though everything has been resolved I still find myself thinking on my actions with disgust.

And around we go... This has been a week of rumors and mudslinging within the Liberia adoption community. Pretty amazing considering this community is the most Christian bunch I've ever "met" on the internet! Just goes to show that satan is a sly devil and can find footholds in places we don't expect. Organizations have been slandered....adoption practices have been called into question...the integrity of some of those working in adoptions has been defamed. And yet, to God be the glory! All of the antics of this past week have worked toward His good in the end. People now have a much better understanding of adoption practices in Liberia. People have more faith in the organizations they have chosen to adopt from. Even the citizens of Liberia now have a better understanding of what adoption is (thanks to a radio broadcast in the country)! GOD IS GOOD!

As up and down and all around as this past week has been, I pray that the upcoming week is filled with peace and understanding. I pray that I know when to hold my tongue, and when to defend the cause of Christ. I pray that my worries and fears are smashed down by my faith in the Lord's control over ALL things.


Christina 8:55 PM  

Anita, adoption is such a roller coaster, isn't it? I'm sorry the downs have been so very "down" for you this past week. Don't forget to extend yourself some grace - the stress of adoption often makes us say/do things we wouldn't normally, in our "right" minds. I hope this coming week has more ups than downs for you.

dayamanda 9:37 PM  

I love you Anita. Thanks for loving Jenneh by extending an invitation for prayer for our princess!! I look forward to your referral when we can pray for your babies too.