Friday, April 21, 2006

HUGE Change of Plans!!!!

What news I have to share with you today!!!! The Lord has spoken to Eric and I in a huge way this past week and it's changed the entire course of our adoption journey!
I haven't posted this, but we've had our dossier ready to go to Liberia for the past 4 weeks (except for CIS approval). For some reason each week I have found an excuse NOT to send it--little insignificant reasons. Last week I got a little real with myself and started asking WHY? I began to pray for the Lord to put my mind at ease about sending our paperwork, or to reveal to me why I wasn't supposed to send it.
A few days later I had a dream that I knew was one of "those" dreams--a dream that has significance--but for the life of me I couldn't figure it out. At the same time a new adoption program caught my attention. I researched it and shared with Eric a few nights ago that IF something were to happen and we weren't able to adopt from Liberia I would like to adopt from Ghana. Eric immediately asked, "Well then, why aren't we going with Ghana as our first choice?" I hadn't even considered it! For so long I have felt that our children were in Ghana that the thought of changing countries "just because" wasn't even a thought in my head!
So I shared with Eric all I knew about the program, run by Life's Vision International ( He asked if I had any pictures of the oprhanages or children and I showed him the Osu Children's Home website ( This is the orphanage that our children would likely come from if we adopted from Ghana. As soon as Eric saw the pictures his face lit up as bright as I think I have ever seen it! He smiled to the point of tears and there was no quest in my mind that he had an immediate and STRONG reaction to these children and this country. Eric quickly confirmed my suspicions and told me that he really felt like we were to adopt from Ghana.
So we are!!!! We are so VERY excited and we both feel a peace that we have not felt this entire journey!!! Ghana is still in West Africa, but it had a very unique and interesting culture of its own. It's a more settled country where we will be able to travel and enjoy ourselves more (in other words, it had electricity, running water, HOT water, and even air conditioning)!!! My mom and I will be there for 7-10 days.

We still plan to adopt our baby girl and toddler boy--Kendi and Canan. The earliest we will likely be traveling is mid-August, but it could be as long as mid-November. We will be only the 1st or 2nd family from the US to adopt from Ghana using an agency so there are a lot of unknowns. Nevertheless, we know that the safest place in the world is in the middle of God's will!!!


Anonymous 11:02 AM  

Hi Anita-

It's Jennifer S. from the CAL :-) I saw your post with your blog and have dropped in every once and awhile. Congratulations on your new decision! Is that your child in the pic?
Anyway, I just wanted to say that I have several students from Ghana who work for me currently - some are likely going home at the end of May for the summer. If you want to pick their brains for anything, just let me know and I can pass on any questions! :-)


Anita and Family 9:35 PM  

Hi Jennifer!! Long time no "talk"! I just finished adding a new post to the blog and saw your comment.

Nope--that cutie is not our child, but he could be! He's available for adoption in the orphanage that our children will come from but we don't have a say in what children will be referred to us.

That's really neat that you have a tie to Ghana. I'll really have to give it some thought and get back to you as there is *so* much I want to know.

How old are they? I wonder if one of them might be willing to visit our children when they are referred? =-)

Anonymous 6:46 AM  

My students are all college-aged. I have two students on staff right now - one is from Sunyani and the other from Accra.
Let me know if you would like me to ask them anything!
So cool (pssst...I've been falling in love with Ghana for a long time, too :-) J.