Monday, April 03, 2006

Kendi's Afghan

Some of you know that I've taken up crocheting to help me through the wait. Actually, it's to help me STOP spending money during the wait! I'm proud to announce that I have completed my first project--a baby afghan for Kendi! It's cock-eyed and I wouldn't want anybody to look too closely at it, but it is what it is--a first try. As I went along I got much better. At one point I thought about redoing the portions of the afghan that were very....beginner. But you know what? I think it tells a story the way it is, missed stitches, lopsided squares and all. I wouldn't want to create a fake first afghan! =-)


Christina 10:05 PM  

WOW Anita, I am SO impressed. I've been trying to crochet a blanket for Zeeb and I can't get past the first square!! I keep pulling it out because I lose track and get too many bumps or knots or whatever... Kendi's afghan came out just beautifully, you should be very proud.

Anita and Family 9:55 PM  

Thanks Chris! Hey--do it the easy way! Just make one great big granny square and be done with it! After Kendi's afghan I'm taking the easy way out for Canan's and doing the giant granny square thing. Good luck on little Zeeb's afghan--don't give up!