Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Talking Drum

For those that don't know, the "Talking Drum" originates in West Africa (both Ghana and Liberia claim it as their own!).

Tonight Eric and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary by going to a West African restaurant we recently discovered! It was really neat because it's not as if Jollaf Rice and Fufu are sold on every street corner in Tulsa, OK! I was excited to taste authentic W. African food. Much to my delight, I liked it!!! Well, I liked the Peri Peri Chicken (with spicy pepper sauce) and the Jollaf Rice. I didn't care as much for the fried plantain or spinach!

Mom, for what it's worth I think you'll do just fine with W. African food. It was really good and not as "foreign" tasting as you would expect.

Our summer has begun here in Tulsa. The kids are out of school and I have two more classes to teach before a 6 week break from classes. I'm looking forward to my last summer with Taevy and Samren before the babies come home and they start school full time. I think I will be a bit batty come August if both of my big kids are in school all day and the two babies aren't home from Ghana yet! How boring will that be?! =-)

Love, Anita

P.S. The flower picture is from our garden! The other picture is of T & S at the Arkansas River over Memorial Day weekend 2006.