Thursday, June 01, 2006

This and That

Hello all,

There's not a lot going on with our adoption right now since we're in that waiting for a referral mode that all adoptive parents love so much--not! =-) However, I did hear from our agency director that they have received their first Ghanaian children referrals (4 of them)--yea!!! There is another mom in front of us who would like to adopt 2 or 3 children 3-5 years of age and she is reviewing the referrals right now. After she has made her decision, whomever is not referred to this other mom will be shown to Eric and I for consideration. We don't anticipate that one or two of these children will be our children because the agency director said they were either not in the age we would like, or are the right age but are the wrong gender. But the Lord is in charge so we shall see!
We also heard from the agency director that the only possibility for infant adoption through Ghana will be through private orphanages. LVI doesn't currently work with any private orphanages but their attorney is creating those relationships now so that hopefully in the near future infant referrals will be a possibility.
I try not to feel any disappointment that we may not receive an infant referral. I KNOW with all of my heart that the Lord called us to Ghana, and He knew the whole story, even if we did not. He knew what was ahead. We'll trust Him to lead us to our children.
The picture above is of Taevy's newest hairdo. I know that SHE hopes we get a girl so that I can stop "practicing" african-ish styles on her! =-)