Monday, June 05, 2006

Art and 3rd Trimester

Hi all. This weekend was fun. Eric thinks I'm crazy when I say that the "stay at home" weekends are the funnest, but the are (to me). I guess that means that I not only love my family, but I actually like them!
I like sleeping in and working on projects that are too unimportant to tackle during the work week. I like taking more time to watch my kids play outside. And I like the little art projects the kids and I do.
On Friday the kids and I went to Garden Ridge (our favorite everything store!) and came up with the plans for plaques to hang on the bedroom doors--preparing for their new siblings. It was so fun. I did the painting, but they were my little art directors, telling me to "add a flower" here or "draw another plane" there. These two pictures are the results of our efforts.
I feel like I'm entering the 3rd trimester of this adoption journey. I'm starting to feel pretty uncomfortable and impatient to get these kids identified! Every day I have a wave of emotion as I consider whether today could be the day I meet my children (if only through a picture and medical). I'm really ready to know who they are. I'm ready to know how old, and if we'll get two boys, or a boy or a girl. But mostly I'm ready to see their faces so that as I pray for them I know who I'm praying for!
Please pray with me that our referrals come soon. It has been less than a month that we've waited, but considering we originally thought our children (from Liberia) would be home by now, my internal clock is ticking loudly! =-) AFTER we get our referrals the best case scenario is that they will be home 3 months after--so our original timeline is completely out the door! Nevertheless there is such peace in knowing that we're right where the Lord put us.
Love to all,